Super Pack

12 powerful binaural beats meditations.
  • Duration: 30 Minutes x 12
  • Purchased separately: $119.88
  • Price:$43

Product Description

The Super Pack contains 12 powerful binaural beats meditations, each expertly created to enhance a different area of health, wellbeing and spirituality.

Buying this value pack will save you $76.88 on purchasing the meditations individually.

1. Chakra Balance works through your 7 chakras, realigning your body by releasing unwanted tension and healing energy blockages. The binaural beats frequencies wind in and out of the Alpha and Beta zones, massaging your chakras as the meditation cycles every few minutes. Use Chakra balance when you feel the need to revitalize your mind, body and soul.

2. Deep Concentration moves steadily down through the Alpha zone to help you reach a state of calm, focused attentions and awareness. Accompanied by a landscape of nature sounds and deep orchestration, Deep Concentration helps temper a distracted mind, putting you into a tranquil state of deep relaxation. When you come around you’ll be in a zen-like state of focus, ready for high-level productivity and zoned in and ready to clear your to-do list!

3. Crystal Clear Mind helps bring your mind to center, clearing the haze of unhelpful, self-limiting thoughts and emotions. Layered with a tranquil Native American flute and accompanied by hypnotic bells and peaceful nature sounds Crystal Clear mind begins in the Alpha zone, travelling deeper into the Theta state as it opens a pathway for peaceful, contemplative awareness.

4. Recharge and Refresh relieves stress and anxiety, expels negativity, sharpens the senses and recharges karmic energy levels. Whether you’re feeling negative, stressed, or run-down, use this Alpha zone meditation to bounce back with optimum performance and positivity. Sit back and relax and merge back into the middle road with heightened positivity, increased energy and mental clarity.

5. God Consciousness enables you to connect with the very essence of your existence.This meditation will engulf you in a Godly, spiritual awareness as you become one with the universe. Let go of attachment and aversion and relax into a state of deep peace and tranquillity.

6. Perfect Sleep is a holistic sleep aid that helps you get a better night's sleep. This powerful meditation focuses on preparing the mind and body for deep, restful sleep. If you suffer from not being able to fall asleep quickly, or from periodic waking, Perfect Sleep will naturally address these problems using Delta frequency waves to entrain the brain for deep sleep.

7. Deep Dreams is a Delta wave meditation designed to evoke long, deep, dream-filled sleep. Deep Dreams is ideal for light sleepers and those suffering periods of wakefulness during the night, but even those not suffering from sleep problems will enjoy its vivid dream-inducing effects.

8. Creative Mind contains Alpha frequencies that stimulate your imagination, helping cure writer’s block and enabling your creative juices to flow forth. This meditation is ideal for times when you need a burst of inspiration for a creative project like making music, writing or painting, or perhaps a flurry of ideas for a brainstorm at work.

9. Confidence Booster is designed to help you overcome fear in challenging circumstances such as public speaking and intimate social environments. When listened to prior to the event, your mind will be taken down into a low Theta state of powerful calm, from which you’ll emerge without the symptoms of anxiety that cause you to feel fearful and lack confidence.

10. Love Attraction opens your mind and soul to cultivate a deep, loving connection with the world. Set over a calming backdrop of natural ambience, the track uses a Theta and Alpha wave blueprint to reach deep into your subconscious and create an altered state of consciousness that will recenter your appreciation for the beauty of existence. When you have finished listening, you will feel replenished with love and happiness, an energy that will overflow into your interactions through the day, attracting an abundance of positive encounters.

11. Stress Release is designed to unwind your mind by taking you down into complete relaxation. Theta and Delta waves, associated with deep relaxation, are harmonically layered in soothing music, which is tuned to 528 Hz, a frequency associated with healing, health and longevity.

12. Brain power entrains your brain to 12 Hz, a frequency associated with absorbing information passively for recall at a later date. If you are studying for an exam, learning a language, or just struggling to absorb information then Brain Power is for you.

Download The Super Pack & Start Manifesting The Benefits Immediately:

Increase your focus & productivity

Relieve stress and anxiety

Heighten mindfulness and improve mental balance

Unblock negative energy and release pent up tension

Improve the quality of your sleep

Heighten awareness and spiritual consciousness

Feel positive, peaceful and relaxed

Improve your overall health and well-being

Download All 12 Meditations Now For Just $43!

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