Recharge & Refresh

Recharge your body. Refresh your mind.
  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Brainwave State: Alpha
  • Background Sounds: Rain sounds
  • Effect: Relieves stress and negativity
  • Price:$9.99
  • 2 Customer Reviews

Product Description

There are times when stress from work or family life overwhelm the mind and push us into a negative state of being.

When this happens, what we need to do is take a step back to cool off, relax and get things in perspective.

If we don't, we give in to stress-induced reactions to our problems, which drain us further of energy and make things seem far worse than they really are.

But even when we realize this and do our best to see through the fog, it isn't easy to pull ourselves back to level ground and find the mental clarity we need to move forward positively.

Recharge & Refresh contains alpha frequencies that calm and recenter your mind, helping to relieve stress and remove the mind's preoccupation with negative thought patterns, enabling you to establish a balanced, positive state of mind from which to start over.

Simply find a quiet space free of distraction, slip on your headphones and allow your mind to untangle amidst the tranquility of ambient rain

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Verified Buyer
May 21, 2017 by Susanna
"This is a good one. Does what it says on the tin, felt relaxed & refreshed after listening & more upbeat than before.

Regularly listening to the Ennora mp3's (as I purchased the superpack)5 stars overall. I certainly noticed a sharpening of my mind, concentrating better & overall feelings of being deeply centered within my being to the extent of not getting so wound up in the outer world giving time to go within provides us with a more balanced outlook & strengthens our inner core leading to a more relaxed & centred sense of well being. One day I was feeling stressed listened to the stress relieving mp3 & at the end stress had just melted away. The effects of listening to these mp3's can be subtle & do build up with regular use. "
Verified Buyer
November 19, 2016 by kailie
"Only listened to the sample a couple of times so far and when deep dark thoughts came again to haunt me, I stood up against them and said "NO". I refused to be brought down and limited by my fears, guilt, the past, absorption of others negativity, alive or in the after life. I am very impressed, clear and intentionally good and strong sounds for life giving breakthroughs.Love ya."
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