Chakra Balance

Tune your Chakras. Balance your vital energy.
  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Brainwave State: Alpha / Beta
  • Background Sounds: Gentle rainfall
  • Effect: Mental, physical and spiritual balance.
  • Price:$9.99
  • 21 Customer Reviews

Product Description

The chakra system is often referred to as the body's energy eco-system, and has long been regarded as one of the keys to mental, physical and spiritual balance.

The seven chakras, as described in Ancient Indian teachings, are located along the center of the body and aligned with the spine.

From the bottom of the body up, the seven chakras are named as follows:

1) The Root Chakra- Located at the base of the spine.

2) The Sacral Chakra- Located just behind the belly button.

3) The Solar Plexus Chakra - Located just below the sternum.

4) The Heart Chakra - Located level with the heart but in the center of the body.

5) The Throat Chakra - Located at the base of the throat.

6) The Brow Chakra - Located between the eyebrows (commonly called the Third Eye).

7) The Crown Chakra - Located at the very top of the head.

The Chakra Balance meditation is designed to awaken, heal and align the chakra system. You'll notice the pitch of the binaural track change every few minutes as it cycles through the body, massaging and cleansing each chakra as it goes.

Very sensitive people will actually feel which chakra is being worked upon, but most people will simply feel an overall sense of wellbeing in both mind and body once the meditation is complete.

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Verified Buyer
March 6, 2023 by Walter
"I feel a sense of calm and alignment after listening to just 15 mins of this track."
Verified Buyer
October 18, 2021 by Allison
"sounds great, im new to these things but i felt like i could feel it in the middle of my back right away when the tones started playing, just was calming and helped me focus at work. recommend for people with adhd, helps more than my medicine."
Verified Buyer
October 31, 2020 by Robert
"I am new to using binaural products. I have tried a dozen a number of times. This the first one my body reacts to with many different sensations. Definitely something is happening. I look forward to using it frequently."
Verified Buyer
August 7, 2020 by Hannibal
"Brilliant. I’ve used this to organize my mind palace as well as work out and the mental acumen is increased with every session. Would highly recommend. "
Verified Buyer
August 10, 2019 by Ian (Nairn)
"I purchased this download more out of curiosity, and it seems to have had some subtle and not-so-subtle effects. Seems to induce deep states at times. The first occasion I listened to the recording it stimulated some forgotten memories from childhood. I intend to keep listening to it on a daily basis to see what the longer term effect is."
Verified Buyer
December 13, 2018 by Marie (India)
""Excellent and the quality is extremely good" "
Verified Buyer
July 3, 2018 by Elizabeth
"All I can say is WOW ! I’ve been using the other ones and just tried chakra balance today and I will be using it everyday from now on. I didn’t believe people saying they could feel it work but you can feel it. "
Verified Buyer
March 10, 2018 by Anon (New Zealand)
"I'd recommend the Chakra Balance if you are struggling with opening your energy system. I have been using it for 4 days and I find it very useful. I could feel the binaural beats massaging most of my chakra channels, I haven't been able to feel my third eye and base spine being massaged, yet. I think regular use of it for 7-14 days might be useful for everyone, specifically beginners. I began feeling my channels massaged by the third day, so I recommend giving it some time to fully work, although you might feel it on the first day. I also think it would be very useful if Ennora would create a package that focuses on all the chakra energies individually, 7 audios in one package. "
Verified Buyer
March 7, 2018 by Kathleen (Denver)
"Beautiful, a perfect start to the day. Thank you"
Verified Buyer
February 28, 2018 by Preciosa
"This is really effective. I felt somthing in my chest like my heartbeat skipped and it maybe unblocked my heart chakra. This is quite embarrasing but i have to share that after listening i had a huge fart like a fart that came from the depths of my stomach. So i think it is really unblocking some energy centers. Will try more and see.amazing results"
Verified Buyer
February 1, 2018 by Santosh (Amsterdam)
"I could feel my Navel chakra and Ajna chakra vibrating. This is highly effective. Good product."
Verified Buyer
January 14, 2018 by Deon (cape town south africa)
"Hi I have been meditating on the chakras for years and yes chakra balance "hits the spots" perfectly. My only issue with these all in one chakra programs is I lke to spend time on each chakra and move to the next in my own time following my intuition. Maybe each of the chakras sold seperately as individual audios would be more preffarable to me. Maybe all 7 chakras contained in a single chakra package zip file would be great. But other than that. Your sessions are amazing with great quality tyvm fornmynexperiences. Regards Deon."
Verified Buyer
November 29, 2017 by Marc Tomlinson (Gracetown, Western Australia)
"I have no idea what Chakra's are, but this recording is very powerful. The rain soundscape is so soothing and in direct contrast to the changing pitches of the other sound. Between them they fill your head with sound, resulting in quite an intense experience. A favourite as long as I am not planning on going to sleep for quite a while after listening to it."
Verified Buyer
March 14, 2017 by Patrick (Oviedo, Spain)
"Wonderful binaural beats track and I rate it 5 stars without hesitation. I didn't know I could feel that much at ease physically and mentally after listening to it for the first time. I'm using it daily currently and I'm feeling nicely balanced. Thanks! "
Verified Buyer
March 8, 2017 by Anon (GATHERSBURG, MD)
"I believe in energy healing. I rate this 5 Stars."
Verified Buyer
November 11, 2016 by Anon
"Great. "
Verified Buyer
October 23, 2016 by Ampora (Woodland Hills, CA)
"It was Amazing, I could actually feel a tangible pulling on what I assume is my 3rd eye (the area in between and just above my eyebrows)!!!"
Verified Buyer
September 24, 2016 by joseph (United states)
"My mind while listening, feels like softer wax, the tones are the flame gently clinging to the wick of greater perception-that perception revealing more and more to me that I am that I am, as it burns through. Yea, it's that good and I have tried many.."
Verified Buyer
July 7, 2016 by Lim (Singapore)
"To be frank with this review, I used similar products of this nature before. But your product able to produce the effects i can feel it even though is the first time I listen to. Maybe I am more attuned to biaural beat. Especially your rain sound have a very soothing effect. Keep up the good work."
Verified Buyer
May 7, 2016 by Elizabeth Collins (Ireland)
"Great Download very relaxing and helped me focus on my work. Its great to have the music you need right at your finger tips when you order it. is a great website and it is easy to find out what you need. I will definately be buying from Ennora again,as my clients in my mindfulness therapy practice will benefit greatly. Thank you Ennora."
Verified Buyer
February 25, 2016 by Ryan
"Wow, the Chakra track is awesome. I usually slow down in the afternoon, energetically. I had 30 mins to spare so I lied down and popped in the Chakra balance program. I could feel subtle vibrations through my body the rest of the day. I had people coming up to me, in the super market, hardware store, wherever I went. Perfect strangers would strike up a conversation out of nowhere.

Very impressive product you have there. I felt like i'd had a nap on the beach with just one 30 min use. And still vibrating :)"

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