Feedback from Ennora customers

We often receive feedback from customers describing their experiences with our recordings. Below is a small selection of those emails. We'd love to hear your feedback too, and if you don't mind we'll publish it along with our other customer success stories. To drop us an email please use the contact form.

I've dabbled in binaural beats for a few years now, researched the science with extensive interest, and I gotta say, your product is brilliantly refined in comparison. Keep up the excellent work, and I hope you come out with a new track in the near future.

~ Cody

Just listened to the free sample. No joking just a few seconds into the track i had to sit back in the chair, it's so powerful. I have been listing to binaurals for some time and nothing has ever had such a powerfully quick effect. My main area of interest is astral projection. I have been projecting since i was 5 ( i am 52 now) never been able to control it. When listing to the sample i felt my self get deeply relaxed very quickly and felt movement in the astral body. I know the sample is not from the astral projection cd, but energy (thought ) follows intention. I will buy the Astral projection cd as soon as i can. Thank you for the free sample and for such a powerful and effective product.

~ James (in the UK)

For the last 4 months I have been thoroughly buying, trying and testing different products (brainwave alchemy, brain salon, sonic vitamins, brain vault, bliss code, unexplainable store, brainEV...) and keep coming back to your products as I simply love them (find them notch quality in terms of session design, effects and sound quality). Your customer service is also excellent

~ Alice

Thank you the binaural beats totally relaxed me I put my headphones in and listened during a root canal filling at the dentist and felt completely relaxed as opposed to anxious. I could switch off and just concentrate on the sounds, thank you.

~ Yvonne

I just wanted to leave some positive feedback. I have been meditating for 17 years and experimenting with binaural beats for about a year. Your recordings are now able to bring me to that "sweet spot" during meditation within minutes. I have never experienced such instant and reliable results. I also wanted to congratulate you on your excellent customer service. I had a bit of difficulty understanding how to download my recordings initially but you guys were genuinely helpful. I now know that I have my trusty link and can listen to my recordings on any device I choose. Keep up the good work!

~ Danielle

Dean's experience using Astral Projection

Just started using your products. Going to bed with astral projection or deep sleep has given me dreams. this is great as i haven't been remembering dreams for a long time. also my sleep is longer and deeper.

~ Christos

I'm new to using paid recordings as I have been using free material from Youtube. I have to say the difference is very noticeable. I brought most of the recordings on sale as I wanted to experiment with all of them. The one I have used most is the 'God Consciousness' Theta waves. Within a few minutes I reached a state that I have never been able to achieve with meditation. My body completely shut down but my mind was so clear and lucid. This is still early days for me I am very excited about exploring this more and working with the different recordings.

~ Chris

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