What is Brainwave Entrainment Therapy?

Binaural Beats is essentially a form of brainwave therapy, but what exactly is brainwave therapy and how does it work? Research has proven that during periods of deep relaxation the unconscious power of the brain is unlocked, which provides a platform for higher learning and physical healing. The associated benefits of deep mental and physical relaxation is something meditators have been cultivating and manifesting for hundreds of years. However, it's only in the last 35 years that science has discovered that deep meditative states can be achieved by manipulating brainwaves through brain entrainment.

When the brain is in a deeply relaxed, meditative state, the body begins to heal itself, both emotionally and physically. Brainwave therapy assists in lowering the brain's frequency level, acting as a tool that helps open up a dialogue with the subconscious inner self, which is where our goals, hopes, and plans for self-development are rooted. In a nutshell, brainwave therapy puts the brain in a position to build and reinforce positive actions conducive to wellbeing. It should be noted here that brainwave therapy can also be used to increase brain activity. For example, a person lacking energy would benefit from beta brain entrainment therapy to help stimulate the brain into higher activity. 

Brainwave therapy goes further than basic self development, and is capable of enhancing creativity, increasing IQ and learning power and improving health. Brainwave therapy (in particular theta therapy) is also used as a holistic approach for the treatment of conditions such as:

- Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

- Stress

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Chronic Pain

- Parkinson's diseases

- Addiction Treatment

- Weight Loss

- Hair Loss

- Skin Ailments

Binaural beat technology is a science that uses specially engineered recordings to target different brain states and help entrain the brain in specific areas of self-improvement/development. There are a number of areas that can be targeted, including improving concentration, improving sleep, increasing productivity, reducing stress and anxiety attacks and healing muscular and skeletal pain. To learn more about how binaural beats target specific brain states, you can read a comprehensive explanation here.

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