What Are Theta Binaural Beats and Why Should You Use Them?

Theta is the frequency range the brain is in when it is in a very relaxed state. The theta frequency range is between 4-7 hertz. So at the lower end a person would be in a deeply relaxed state - good for meditation - and at the higher end a person would be pretty chilled and calm - good for learning and creative endeavours. The state above theta is known as the alpha state. This state is similar to theta in that it promotes relaxation, yet in alpha a person will feel more assertive and more focused, and less meditative and contemplative. 

Theta binaural beats recordings are common because this state is highly conducive to stress release and promoting a feel good factor. Research has shown that being in the theta state releases endorphins (feel good hormones), which makes sense when you consider that being relaxed makes you feel good in general. Many recordings mix theta and alpha frequencies, such as our Crystal Clear Mind recording. This is necessary when a recording is engineered for a specific purpose such as creating a state highly conducive to productivity and focus; a straight theta recording - even in the higher theta zone- might prove too relaxing for some people and create lethargy rather than productivity and focus, and therefore it is necessary to entrain the brain with low-medium alpha waves, too. 

Studies show that children spend a lot more time in the theta state than adults. This is because children live "more in the moment", are less stressed, have less responsibilities (less excessive thinking) and are therefore able to relax more. Being in such a present, relaxed state promotes the perfect mind environment for learning and manifesting knowledge, which goes someway in explaining a child's ability to soak up information and learn quickly. 

Regular use of theta binaural beats will also assist in achieving better sleep, and quite often those using theta recordings for meditation fall into a state of Lucid Dreaming due to the intense relaxation of the mind; first time users are often overwhelmed at being brought down from a highly wired state to a state of pure relaxation, and this can cause immediate tiredness. However, over time, regular use of theta.alpha zone binaural beats will entrain the brain to be habitually relaxed, yet at the same time calm, present and fully aware

The calm, present state induced by theta and alpha brainwaves has a number of associated benefits, most notably an increased capacity to learn and memorize, but also boosting creativity and productivity, and as mentioned previously a reduction in stress and anxiety levels. If you find yourself unable to temper an overactive mind, feeling stressed, anxious, highly strung, quick tempered, unable to sleep well, then you will certainly benefit from using theta binaural beats. 

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