Can Pineal Gland Activation Open Your Third Eye & Lead You to Spiritual Dimensions?

What is the Pineal Gland?

Short answer: it’s a conical bit in your brain that releases some hormones. The long answer is being argued about. It might be that the pineal gland releases DMT at the point of death, rocketing our souls into another dimension to become machine elves. It might do nothing of the sort. So, what do we know that the pineal gland definitely does?

pineal gland brain

Regulates circadian rhythm through melatonin  Regulation and interpretation of endocrine system and signals

These two broad spheres are where the pineal is definitely understood to be doing things. If you remember much of biology class, you will know that melatonin tells our bodies when to go to sleep, and regulates breeding cycles in animals that have them. If you’ve ever done shift work and tried to get to sleep during the day, you’ve known the particular hell of not being able to drop off. That’s partly down to melatonin only being produced under dark conditions.

Alright, biology class is over. What about some history?

Well, Rick Strassman (DMT: The Spirit Molecule) contends a few things about the pineal gland. Some of which have been taken with and run so we have today a mind-boggling array of conspiracy theories.

Depending on who you read, that means fluoride in the water is calcifying your head and if you could just stop the Illuminati, then you could see aliens. Dr Strassman, understandably as a legitimate researcher in the field of entheogens, has been none too impressed with useless hippies taking his research in entirely the wrong way. The guy is researching the awesome properties of DMT and apparently that’s not awesome enough for some folk, so we have the gamut of misinformed woo-woo we have today.

Suffice to say that the numerous diets and tips for decalcifying your pineal gland are utter rubbish pushed by the same kind of idiots who mysteriously end up with a house full of kids with whooping cough because, like, vaccines don’t cause autism, Obama.

"I know of no evidence that DMT is produced anywhere in the body.  It’s chemical structure is similar to serotonin and melatonin, but their endogenous actions are very different from DMT." -Dr. Bryan Yamamoto, Chair of Neuroscience, University of Toledo.

This isn't to say that the pineal gland hasn’t been an important part of the spiritual world for some centuries. Many disparate cultures have revered this biologically ancient gland. It is the seat of the Ajna (brow) chakra, the eye of the soul according to Descartes, and the Upper Dan Tien in Taoism. Practitioners of Tai Chi out there will recognise Dan Tien as the spinning ball of energy situated at the navel that we spend hours trying to get flowing with Qigong.

For the layman, consider that the power of internal martial arts is drawn from Dan Tien- it is the life energy within us, it is ultimate Tai Chi. Even more familiar religious sects have third eye lore, referenced both in the Bible and in numerous Hindu texts as being the receptacle for prana. The pineal gland is literally a light detecting third eye.

pineal gland third eye

For some reason, separated by thousands of miles and entire epochs of time, we humans have returned to the pineal gland again and again and attributed analogous qualities to it. This is a great mystery, but we might be able to understand why it holds such importance. Consider this: the pineal gland is one of the most ancient parts of our brain, evolutionarily speaking. It is situated almost dead centre of the grey matter, equidistant between our biological eyes. Lizards, our long removed cousins on the tree of life, have pineal glands that still work as high functioning light detectors. At one time, ours did the same job, and still retain this role to a certain extent.

The positioning and biological function of the pineal lend itself well as both the seat of consciousness and also a link to other states of consciousness achieved through meditation (or the aforementioned DMT). This is where a healthy chunk of sceptical thinking should come into play. Perhaps it is so that the pineal gland is our gateway to other dimensions. This gateway appears to be closed without the influence of either the most powerful entheogenic substance on Earth or some pretty hardcore meditation training.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Because this, therefore because of this. It is a false cause fallacy that is so old they wrote it in Latin. What this means is that the result being a thing does not necessarily mean that the cause must be what it appears. We do not meditate solely from our pineal glands. We do not practice Tai Chi or Qigong or take part in Ayahuasca ceremonies with our pineal glands alone. Eating algae or taking melatonin supplements will most likely not awaken you to alternate dimensions.

What I am saying is this. We need to stop focusing on this one part of the brain as if it is the key to unlocking all doors. Our minds and bodies are the keys and the door both in one. Sure, you can eat the right things to help the pineal gland, but eating spirulina supplements will do little if it’s washed down with a cheeseburger.

The meditative practices we undergo are useless if we are locked in egoic thinking and think that saying Namaste to everyone makes us enlightened. Life is a full body experience, the complex, harmonious organism of you is not built around a tiny gland in your head.

Go ahead, activate your pineal gland with meditation and drumming. That is awesome. But, let us not think that’s the only purpose. We have the ability to expand our consciousness for a reason, and that reason is to enable better to look outward, as well as inwards. We connect to other dimensions every day- but these are dimensions that begin within us.

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