How to Create Unbreakable Self-Awareness in 6 Superb Steps

The path to self-improvement starts with self-awareness - the ability to have a clear understanding of your personality, strengths, values, weaknesses, motivations and emotions.  Self-awareness allows you to control your destiny. The awareness of why you do what you do helps you develop the process that will move you forward.  Where you focus your behavior, thoughts and emotions determines the direction your life will take.

When I was in college I took a swimming class.  The professor made a statement that has stayed with me to this day.  As we were learning new swimming styles she said we had to know what our body was doing.  We had to be aware of how our legs, arms and breathing were all moving to make sure they were working together.  This awareness would propel us through the water efficiently and effectively.  

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How to Create Unbreakable Self-Awareness

This working together of all the parts isn’t learned from a book.  It’s a skill we have to practice, by staying aware and making a concerted effort to create a necessary change mid-stream. Changes in your behavior is easier if you catch them in the early stage before your emotions and thoughts have taken over.    

STEP 1: Define Your Core Values

What are the five most important things about you?  Yes you may be a hard worker or a good parent, but dig deeper.  Is it honesty, creativity, integrity, joy, faith, that is important to you?  These core values are the net you can fall back on when a trying event occurs.   Go a step further and write a short personal mission statement with your top five core values. 

STEP 2: Keep a Journal

One of the most effective ways I have found to keep me on track is to write daily. In addition to other thoughts, I write down at least three items that went really well for me and the at least one opportunity for improvement.  Go even further and; 

STEP 3: Engage in Self-Reflection  

As I look at the events that didn’t quite go as well as they could, how could I have turned that into a victory?  Cut off in traffic – instead of engaging in a bout of road rage, breath and think about why this event made you angry?  Are you late for work?  Just had a fight with your spouse?  Is the way you are about to handle this event congruent with your core values?  

STEP 4: Write Your Own Manifesto

A manifesto is defined as a declaration of one’s beliefs, opinions, motives and intentions. It’s simply a written statement that declares what is important to you.  Incorporate your core values and your personal mission statement into your manifesto. 

STEP 5: Keep Engaging in Self-Awareness Exercises

Make this a habit and strengthen your self-awareness muscle.  Surround yourself with people who encourage your exploration into self-awareness. 

STEP 6: Take Care of Yourself  

Exercise and proper nutrition feed our body and keep us alert. When we feel our best it’s easier to be positive. 

Life is a journey not a destination.  As you delve more into your own awareness you will discover your authenticity and what is really important to you.  Over time you can evaluate your core values and where you are with your job, relationships, etc. and adjust.  

I know today I am a different person than I was twenty years ago. Being able to let go of the things in my life that don’t fit anymore was instrumental in me making substantial improvement in my life.

Shelly Drymon is a writer, blogger and public speaker.   She is the author of the weekly newsletter Sunday Morning Coffee With Shelly. You can find her at her website.

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