Case Study: Curing Psychosis with Binaural Beats

John suffered a serious case of psychosis from which he was unable to break out of. Determined to overcome it without using drugs, here is his personal account of what finally managed to help him.

It seemed as though nothing I did could break me out of my detrimental thought pattern, I was in the grips of a major attack of psychosis and was panicking that I would be stuck there for ever.

This was my first psychosis at age 31, and it was a pretty scary place to be. It started with a period of manic elation over the course of about 6 hours where I was acting and thinking very strangely. This is a period where dopamine levels are so high that it’s impossible to tell what’s real from what’s not.

After this initial attack came the come down, where for several weeks my thought patterns were disturbed, and I was in a constant state of unease, my body was extremely tense and I was running on adrenaline. I was barely sleeping and all the exercise and herbal teas in the world weren’t making the slightest bit of difference.

I honestly felt as though I was on another planet, this was getting pretty serious.

Then one day I received an email from Ennora, it was just a general follow up message. I remembered I had purchased their recordings several weeks ago and suddenly it felt very right to put on one of them to see if it could help make me feel more normal.

The recording that seemed most appropriate to me was the Chakra Balance one, because the way I was feeling could definitely be summed up with one simple word: “un-balanced”.

I lied down on the sofa and put the recording on. During the 30 minutes I felt something I’ve never felt before with any other meditation music; my body was shaking and I was repeatedly yawning. This happened until the last 5 minutes or so when finally I felt much more relaxed and stopped shaking.

Remarkable, for about 30 minutes after listening I felt better than I had in several weeks.

I decided to try the recording again the next day, and again afterwards I felt much better, but this time it was for longer – about 2 hours. Each day I used the recording I felt better for longer afterwards until I permanently felt it, and was over the worst of the psychosis.

I can't explain exactly why or how this meditation helped me get back to normal, except to say that with each listen I felt my body was actively relaxing and healing enough to make a real positive difference. 

Chakra Balance is a tool I’ll be using for the rest of my life as it really does make a massive difference to my health and well-being.

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