Using Binaural Beats to Boost Self-Esteem

Straight off the bat it’s important to note that binaural beats cannot zone in and specifically target self-esteem. To make that claim would be entirely false, yet there are a number of charlatans who do make such claims by selling “magic cure self-esteem music”. This is simply marketing hype.

Binaural beats can perform specific functions in the brain such as memory improvement, relaxation, stress release, anxiety release, chakra healing and deep meditation, but they can’ t specifically target weight loss, self-esteem or money attraction. Binaural beats can, however, target states related and conducive to the escalation of self-esteem.

For example, binaural beats that induce alpha and theta states can entrain the brain to relax in situations where you lack confidence. Low self-esteem is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety in social situation such as parties, work interviews, dates and public speaking. Before such a situation, negative thoughts begin to come into your awareness and the prospect of having to face and interact in a group, and or with people you don’t know, becomes a daunting prospect. It is often easier to avoid such situations rather than go through the stress associated with facing them head on, and this is where binaural beats are extremely useful.

By listening to a recording prior to the event, you can bring the mind into a calm and composed state, which is ultimately conducive to approaching potentially nerve-wracking situations where you’d normally let low self-esteem consume your awareness and take over your personality.

Meditation has been practiced as a holistic cure for mental and physical ailments for centuries, and science has proven its ability to assist in the cure of negative mental states. Binaural beats provide the same benefits but in a targeted, faster manner. Using a recording that relaxes the brain and puts it into a state of calm and balance will assist you overcoming the obstacles associated with low self-esteem. In time, getting past these situations will become a habit, and your self-esteem will begin to rise.

If you’ve tried hypnosis recordings and subliminal messaging to no avail, then it’s well worth giving binaural beats for self-esteem a try. Theta wave recordings are now a staple part of many behavioral therapy procedures for conditions such as ADHD, insomnia, anxiety and mild bi-polar tendencies. Entraining the brain to move out of highly stressed, flight or flight states and into calm low intensity frequency ranges is highly conducive to overall health and wellbeing.

It is no coincidence that regular meditators have a calm, confident disposition, and tend not to suffer from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, stress or anxiety. But if you’re short on time and can’t be doing with joining a meditation group, or paying for a course, then binaural beats, which is essentially effortless meditation, will definitely contribute to creating a positive mind set, and releasing the associated negative effects of low self-esteem.

We recommend starting off with our Crystal Clear Mind and Chakra Balance recordings. 

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