A 5-Step Sleep Meditation Using Binaural Beats

Sleep doesn’t come easy in this fast-paced world of ours. We’re so used to being in busy mode that turning the machine off before we sleep has become increasingly harder. You know the drill…you’re yawning like crazy, you switch the lights out and suddenly, instead of falling asleep, the insomnia fairy waves her magic wand and before you know it it’s 2am and you’re thinking how the hell you’ll survive work tomorrow.  

Insomnia is a huge problem, with 1 in 10 Americans on some form of sleep medication. But in truth, it isn’t that we can’t sleep, no, - the human body is designed to sleep at night - what we have trouble with is bringing the mind back to centre; collecting all those thoughts, putting them back in the store cupboard and forgetting about them until tomorrow.

Putting the Day to Rest

No matter how bad the day has been or how many on going tasks that will feed into tomorrow, the day after and the day after that, the important thing to remember is that nothing can be done right this moment. No matter if you stay awake all night, everyone else is or will be asleep soon, and so you will need to wait until the world wakes before you can get going again. Moreover, getting a deep, restful sleep will make you far more productive, energetic and happy; the perfect recipe for being the best you can be. Without a doubt, the best way to tackle difficult daily challenges and a busy routine is with a good night’s sleep. Going to sleep isn’t just about sleep; it’s about putting the day to rest. This is your time to shut the door on the world and let your body revitalize, your mind defragment and your soul regain its balance. 

Best Practice Sleep Meditation

I know, it sounds easy in theory, but getting the mind to stop jumping around like a kangaroo is near on impossible some nights, and that’s where sleep meditation is a blessing in disguise. 

Step 1

Dedicate 30 minutes each night before bed to emptying the mind in preparation for sleep. Find a quiet, comfortable space. Switch off all distractions such as the TV, phone, tablet, laptop, radio, etc. The only thing you’ll need is your mp3 player/iPod and headphones.

Step 2

You can sit cross-legged in the traditional lotus position, or lay back on your bed or sofa, it’s up to you. The most important thing is that you need to be alone. The reason for this is that with others around, coming in and out of the room or talking in earshot, you won’t be able to turn your mind inwards. 

Step 3

Once you’re in a comfortable position, switch on the binaural beats sleep meditation and put your headphones on. Set the volume to a comfortable level that blocks out any surrounding noise. You may close your eyes or look straight ahead down through the end of your nose. 

Step 4

As the recording takes you into meditation, visualize the day leaving your mind; the people, the places, the frustrations, the stress, the on going tasks and issues, watch it all leave your space as the mind comes to center. If you feel tired don’t fight it, just allow all thoughts and feelings to come and go without attaching any meaning, judgement or perception to thoughts or emotions. 

Step 5

Be present in the moment and let everything go as you rest in the now. Allow the binaural beats to penetrate your mind and simply focus on being. Within a few minutes the binaural beats will gradually drop your brain state down into the low Theta and high Delta zones. You will start to feel very relaxed as the mind slows down and thoughts become less sporadic. Don’t worry if you fall asleep during your sleep meditation. Unlike traditional meditation practice, the most important thing with sleep meditation is to just let go, to leave the day behind in preparation for deep, restful sleep. 

If you want to try sleep meditation using binaural beats check out our Perfect Sleep recording.

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