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We started Ennora back in 2009 after a chance meeting at a meditation seminar in 2008. I'd been making music for around 10 years, and Mark was already a brainwave meditation music fan.

Having studied as a sound engineer, the science behind binaural beats really interested me. So we swapped contact details at the seminar and kept in touch.

We became good friends over the following months, trading meditation techniques and recordings. But what we didn’t realise at the time was that our shared interest would soon have a massive impact on the world of meditation/brainwave music, something that was largely down to frustration on my behalf.

As a sound engineer, what struck me about the majority of brainwave meditation tracks I listened to was the poor listening experience: the low quality of the production and often an overpowering hum caused by the frequencies running underneath the soundscape.

I began to ponder on how I might make this music better by professionally producing tracks in an acoustically perfect studio setting; one with professional engineers, capable of fine tuning the frequencies and mixing soundscapes to perfection. And so I approached Mark about creating our own meditation music.

Mark was excited to say the least, and from the get go he was committed to the vision of creating a powerful catalogue of music.

Together we embarked on a journey, learning everything we could about brainwave entrainment and the way in which the brain reacts to specific frequencies. We studied technical papers, went to seminars and became test dummies to better understand the way the brain behaves in the Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma states.

And so, with our knowledge, the hiring of an experienced engineer and a recording studio, we recorded what would become our Deep Concentration recording.

From there things snowballed, and by 2010 we had produced and market tested six recordings, which we released in three packs: each containing two recordings targeting a specific area of well-being or personal development. In early 2012, we added two further recordings to our catalogue, Perfect Sleep and Lucid Dreams, and then four more during the course of 2014 and 2015.

We have recently upgraded the site to a mobile-friendly format, and expanded our blog to encompass all areas of spiritual growth and healthy living and wellbeing. We invite guest experts to share their tips and insights each week, so be sure to come on over and have a read. Better still, sign up to our mailing list to get some free samples of our music and regular updates from the blog.

It's been a wonderful journey so far, and we look forward to taking the next step with you on board.

Peter & Mark ~ Ennora.com

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